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Snapshot Artistic Photo Posting

professional and non-professional

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This a Community that welcomes all,
professional and non-professional photographers.
Start Posting!
Only Post your own Original work
no Plagiarism

Any Types of Photos Accepted
If an adult nature please say in your message that they are “Not Work Safe”

Please place under an LJ Cut
How to do that Is located here

If you are commenting on a photo, please limit any criticism to *constructive* criticism, and even then realize that you are criticizing someone publically when it would probably be more polite to do it privately.

No personal attacks toward other members. This includes but is not limited to anything placed in your signature, username, avatar, title, and the post itself.

Everyone has an opinion, and many times it will differ from your own. Please respect other members' opinions and if you feel the need to argue, please do so in a nice, honorable way.